Rejser til Eritrea


Eritrea byder på gode oplevelser, og tusinder strømmer til landet hver sommer. Landet er fredeligt, og turister kan opleve et mangfoldigt samfund med en spændende historie.  Læs Tesfa News.

Lonely Planet om Asmara: “Among the 10 greatest comeback cities”.

4 religioner i harmoni i Eritrea.
4 religioner i harmoni i Eritrea.

Many who have glimpsed visually-arresting Asmara call it Africa’s most beautiful city due to its innovative art deco architecture, built by Mussolini during his unsuccessful campaign to create a second Roman empire. For much of the last 50 years, however, Eritrea was embroiled in war with neighbouring Ethiopia, first for independence and then over territory. Tensions between the countries remain, but the Eritrean capital is no longer off-limits. Its treasure trove of beautiful buildings now beg for discovery, including Benito’s old party headquarters and Fiat Tagliero, a futuristic fuel station shaped like a plane poised for take-off.

Few hotels in Asmara have their own websites: instead visit for intriguing information on the city covering accommodation to architecture.