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Eritrea: A Reliable Partner in Development and in Maintaining Peace and Security in the Horn of Africa.

This document is prepared by Eritrean Communities in Europe to call the European Union for positive engagement and meaningful partnership with Eritrea. The Eritrean communities in Europe are a highly organised social network comprising of first, second and third generation migrants who live and make important contributions across the European member states. There is a high concentration of Eritreans who hold the citizenship of Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Holland, Italy, France, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom and also new arrival Eritreans who make up our communities. This paper highlights the important issues that pre-occupies our communities and also consists of current state of affairs that is frequently distorted and misrepresented in the media and by some organisations who recycle wrong information about Eritrea. We are Certain the relevant authorities in European Union will heed our call and take appropriate measures to serve the interest of both EU and Eritrea.